How Sensuous Are You?

I have really been enjoying writing these little quizzes. Try this one out which determines how sensual you really are

1. Which of the animals below do you most identify with the most:

A. A magnificent soaring eagle.

B. A fat bristly pig

C. A furry kitten

D. A long slimy snake

2. Which of the following four colors do you prefer to look at if you had to look at a single color all day long?

A. Blue

B. Black

C. Pink

D. Red

3. Which of these four fabrics do you prefer to feel against your skin?

A. Cotton

B. Leather

C. Velvet

D. Rubber

4. Which of these four disgusting habits do you find the least offensive?

A. Forgetting to shave one’s legs

B. Picking one’s nose

C. Forgetting to brush one’s teeth

D. Farting in bed

5. Which of the following substances would you most like to take a bath in:

A. lavender

B. chocolate

C. glitter

C. Jello

Now calculate your score! A is 1 point, B is 3 points, C is 2 points and D is 5 points.

0-15 You are about as sensual as Martha Stewart having a bad day in court.

15-20 You let magazines and TV tell you what is sensual .. going through the motions.

20 -25 You’re very sensual and sensitive to your lovers needs.

25-30 Your tastes are so exotic, that others might find you a bit rude! In fact rude enough to kick you right out of bed.