Acting Weird in Public

Nothing drives me crazier than a guy that is one way with you in public and another in private. I just had a really bad experience with one of those/

HIs name was Glen. He was smart, brilliant, witty and hard working. He paid me lots of attention and after taking a few long walks together in a park, I thought he liked me. I really did. When he was around me, he just seemed to glow. I thought I was somone special to him. I really did.

To make things even more perverse considering what he ended up doing to me, we were fooling around. We spent the last few weekends together. Being him was like playing with the best little boy. We even played tent under my covers with flashlights. He couldn’t be kinder, gentler or closer to me than he is in private.

Then I decided to ask Glen to come to a party with me. Well, we both get

really dressed up and we go to the party, and I am not too worried, even

Though Glen seems to be a little distracted and distant.

I ask him if there is anything wrong and he doesn’t say anything, so I think he is just tired. I figure he is just nervous about the party. I notice though that unlike most times that we are together he doesn’t seem to want to hold my hand. Another strange thing is that when I introduce him to the hostess, he acts like he does not know me at all and is just kind of tagging along. My friend, the hostess, ended up looking at me very strangely as I had been telling her how great he was and now he was treating me like crap.

Anyway at one point I go to the bathroom. I was gone for less than FIVE

MINUTES. When I returned, he was sitting in an armchair, with another

Woman, a complete stranger sitting in his lap. This woman was rubbing up

against chest and cooing in his ear. This went on for about ten minutes while I

just stood there wondering what to do.

When I finally worked up the nerve to approach Glen to say “Oh hello. Remember me?” he completely ignored me and the woman just smiled at me in that Cheshire cat kind of way. That is when I decided to leave.

Later, when I got home, he phoned me to ask me what my problem was? When I told him he was rude and that we were on a date, he scoffed and told me I suffered from distorted thinking and that we were just friends and that he did not “do dates” with women who were just friends to him. Next time, I will ask for the guy to confirm in writing that we are actually on a date before we go…