Tips For Seducing Women

I am so sick of men being pathetic at seducing us I thought I would lay out some guidelines

After you get a woman on the date you want to make sure you can take her home and successfully seduce her. This means that you need to be set up to be prepared for anything and everything.

Girls love to sit down and get to know a guy while being wined and dined. They love to be served and feel beautiful, like a princess. There are subtle ways that you can do that make it different than anything they’ve experienced before.

Don’t do the usual chip and dip and a bottle of wine. Go to a little more effort than you usually would.

First off clean up your place, as women don’t like mess. Make sure your place is clean, that your bed is made and clean your bathroom. Make sure that there are no whiskers in the sink and that the toilet seat is gone.

Do all of your dishes, take the garbage out and your place doesn’t smell. Wash any dirty socks.

Yet another thing that is very important to women is a guest towel with which to wipe their hands with and enough toilet paper on the roll.

Remember this – the cleaner your place is the more likely she is to respect you and also feel safe when she is with you. You will also appear powerful, as she will wonder where you found the time to make your place so nice.

Prepared cheese plates, wine and champagne is going to impress her. Avoid spreads that are too strong like ones with garlic or onions as their main ingredient as it will make her nervous about her breath and yours. Stick to blander but interesting foods.

Most women like Brie cheese and you can this at most local supermarkets or discount gourmet stores. However it’s not about over doing it, it’s about little touches that fascinate and leave her wanting more. For instance lay a little flower beside the Brie or use an antique cheese spreader.

A real delicacy is black caviar on a slice of avocado on top of a table cracker. This is the kind of thing you could easily feed her.

Strawberries and chocolate are also a good choice as they are both seduction foods as well.

Get some white wine and champagne as well. One bottle should be enough.

If you have a fireplace, light it. Yet another reason why your woman appreciates firelight or candlelight is because it is simply more flattering. Great candle scents are vanilla, orange, patchouli or sandalwood. Get the mood right no matter if you are dating a divorced woman from or a Jewish girl from , get the mood right!

Make sure you enough music for several hours, without having to keep getting up to change it. Did you know that you can sign up for tunes for free and have the use of their 24 hour streaming radio, in every genre is also free? As long as you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can enjoy music no commercials all night.


Acting Weird in Public

Nothing drives me crazier than a guy that is one way with you in public and another in private. I just had a really bad experience with one of those/

HIs name was Glen. He was smart, brilliant, witty and hard working. He paid me lots of attention and after taking a few long walks together in a park, I thought he liked me. I really did. When he was around me, he just seemed to glow. I thought I was somone special to him. I really did.

To make things even more perverse considering what he ended up doing to me, we were fooling around. We spent the last few weekends together. Being him was like playing with the best little boy. We even played tent under my covers with flashlights. He couldn’t be kinder, gentler or closer to me than he is in private.

Then I decided to ask Glen to come to a party with me. Well, we both get

really dressed up and we go to the party, and I am not too worried, even

Though Glen seems to be a little distracted and distant.

I ask him if there is anything wrong and he doesn’t say anything, so I think he is just tired. I figure he is just nervous about the party. I notice though that unlike most times that we are together he doesn’t seem to want to hold my hand. Another strange thing is that when I introduce him to the hostess, he acts like he does not know me at all and is just kind of tagging along. My friend, the hostess, ended up looking at me very strangely as I had been telling her how great he was and now he was treating me like crap.

Anyway at one point I go to the bathroom. I was gone for less than FIVE

MINUTES. When I returned, he was sitting in an armchair, with another

Woman, a complete stranger sitting in his lap. This woman was rubbing up

against chest and cooing in his ear. This went on for about ten minutes while I

just stood there wondering what to do.

When I finally worked up the nerve to approach Glen to say “Oh hello. Remember me?” he completely ignored me and the woman just smiled at me in that Cheshire cat kind of way. That is when I decided to leave.

Later, when I got home, he phoned me to ask me what my problem was? When I told him he was rude and that we were on a date, he scoffed and told me I suffered from distorted thinking and that we were just friends and that he did not “do dates” with women who were just friends to him. Next time, I will ask for the guy to confirm in writing that we are actually on a date before we go…


Getting Over Fear of Dating

Some women really fear dating. This is easy to get over. First of stop defining yourself by men who don’t matter to you anymore unless it has been constructive criticism from licensed therapists

You’ve got to be aware of your internal dialogue; you know that little voice in your head that speaks all the time? It’s probably happening right now. As you’re reading this, you have other things going on in your head. It could be related to dating or something totally different.

Your inner critic is controlling most of your interactions. Let’s be clear…YOU are not. That inner voice is flowing all the time and it’s going to throw negative thoughts at you; it’s going to try to derail you and remind you about all of the reasons that you won’t be successful with men. It is the eternal battle of the subconscious mind against the rational mind. The most civilized of beings know how to quell these self-critical thoughts.

The first step is realizing that it exists and getting control of it. Refuse to let it control your success with men. It is simply time to forget what other people think if you want to get ahead on the dating scene.

Based on your past failures, your inner voice could be telling you anyone of the following things:

This kind of thing never happens to you —

· Men don’t respond to you

· You’re not funny

· You’re not confident

· You’re not good looking

· You don’t have anything to offer

You are too fat

You are a dumb blonde/wear glasses

You are too thin

· You’re not interesting

· You’re not dressed cool enough

· Your hair looks bad

· You’re going to run out of things to say

He will be more attracted to your friends than you

It’s telling you every reason why you won’t be successful. It’s also warning you about the possible negative outcomes such embarrassment and rejecting:

When you get nervous, you fall back on behavior that feels comfortable to you. Your defense mechanism kicks in and you start manifesting the wrong events.

You are spending a lot of energy on behavior that isn’t getting you what you want that you have none left for later when you have an actual opportunity.

Your father, your best friend who had an unrequited crush from you and your ex all have a secret agenda to hurt your feelings as they all are motivated by a desire to prevent other women from spending time in your company. If you are defining yourself by negative criticism from a man who is out of our life it is time to let it go.


Weight Loss Magic Pill?

You might wonder why I am so interested in a weight loss drug without side effects. Well it is not for me because I am naturally kind of skinny. I have been hoping that this kind of magic pill would be invented for ages for my overweight friends. They need a pill bad because the only thing that works for them when it comes to losing weight is smoking about a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. Unfortunately when any of them stop smoking they always gain back twenty pounds and it is truly horrific for them. That twenty pounds can mean the difference between getting a job or not, or a date or not and a lot more. I don’t care what everybody says about Jennifer Lopez’s big butt legitimizing the plus size girl and all that. Everywhere I look “thin is in.”

The problem with previous weight loss drugs is that they have all had serious side effects. You could become very nervous, ruin your intestines or drop dead from a heart attack. Seizures were a risk if you took ephedrine. You could die from dehydration drinking some of those so-called Chinese diet teas. Many prescription weight loss drugs on the market can also cause something called anal leakage (I don’t want to go there.) Taking these drugs is has made obese individuals even sicker and putting them at even greater risk of developing diseases like cancer and heart disease.

So I was kind of happy to read this article in Medical News Today, by Dr. Nir Barak of the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. He has a team that has developed a drug called Histalean, which is based on a previous drug called Betahistamine. Betahistamine is traditionally used to treat vertigo but it is found that it chemically contains compounds that can help block cravings (the same way the drug blocks the sensation of dizziness.) The result is that there is a great potential for weight loss and hundreds of lives could be saved everywhere.

This new medication could also allow fat people who could never exercise before to get an initial boosting work out so that they feel encouraged to work out or stick to a diet plan. Even if people were on it for a short time they could be greatly encouraged by an initial large loss. Unfortunately after many young women quit smoking they blow right up and then fall into a deep depression when they can’t see immediate results from exercising and dieting. Losing two pounds a week can be a slow and unrewarding process for many!

I actually think its main benefit could be to get millions of women off of the cancer sticks. I think the cigarette industry is more than aware of the weight loss attributes of smoking cigarettes and that is why they are marketed to so many young women.