Reading Body Language

While on the casual date that you met on you can tell by looking at amen’s body language if she is likely to sleep with you or not.

You can also control your body language so it gives her the message that you are attracted to him.

As far as attraction goes, here’s how he gets the message from you:

· 55% is through body language

· 38% is the tone and speed of your voice

· only 7% is through what you say

It works the exact opposite of how you’ve been taught.

Is there any one posture that you should adopt while trying to pick up a man?

Lean back and cross your arms, but also lean in at the right times, pulling back as if you’re teasing him. You’re letting him know non-verbally that she has to convince you to be interested in her.

You can also gage his interest in you by observing the following body language –

1. He leans her body into yours.

Many omen unconsciously tilt their body in your direction when they are interested in you. Their knees and shoulders will be pointing at you or their fingers. Some men swivel their upper torso in towards you while crossing their legs.

2. He makes lots of eye contact.

If amen is interested he will make lots of eye contact with you. Sometimes if you try to make eye contact he will look away rapidly.

When you look into their eyes, everything you say sounds more important and means more to them. Remember, you’re trying to be unique. Visualize what most guys would do and do the exact opposite.

3. He blushes when you look at him.

If the man you are with is blushing a lot it means she is really attracted to you.

4. He plays with your personal items.

If a man is attracted to you she will do things like pick up your lighter or play with your fork in order to get your attention. He may even play with your sleeve. This can be a precursor to actually holding your hand.

5. He does not seem hungry.

If a man is sexually attracted to you she may have trouble eating in front of you. He may pick at her food and instead focus on talking to you or smoke a cigarette. Sexual arousal has the effect of cutting their appetitive. Also many men feel that they look unattractive when they are eating so they will not do it in front of someone they are trying to seduce. Women will do the same thing by the way. For some reason sexual arousal can just make you feel self-conscious about eating.

Usually if it is a man who is worth his salt he will make some kind of advance. The one I like best is when they put their hand on the small of your back as if to reassure you they will be there. It is a very respectful yet at the same time tender and sexual gesture.


Remember You Are The Prize

When you are dating it is women that do not think much of themselves in the first place who lose. You need to believe that you already have a greater level of success before you even leave the house for a date. Unfortunately many women leave the house to go to a singles bar or try to find a date with this I am a loser mentality. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because it is a turn off.

Girls tart acting like you’re invincible. In other words, you should be walking around like it’s already happening to you. Walk in like you own the place and if you’re not going to talk to men right away, then be committed to a conversation with a friend.

Men can’t stand it when you’re looking directly at a friend and talking and not scanning the room like every other guy. It makes you stand out. It builds attraction. They become jealous. It is something really Neanderthal and jealous in them that makes them want to be number one.

This means looking occupied and committed when you talk to men. Any men. This is so that by the time you interact with them they are already attracted. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you keep it fun short and firefly it will drive them even crazier. Before you know it men will start lining up to talk to you.

This is because you will be doing what most women can’t do because they are so desperate. Most other girls were looking around the room for targets – the single guy –when they wake in the room. All we did was have a committed conversation and have fun. No work, lots of return.

You saw how being friendly gets you everywhere and can turn any evening into an extraordinary one. Just by having this confidence and relaxed attitude, women will approach you and do all the work. If you’re friendly and ask questions you won’t have to worry about what to say next. They’ll do all the talking.

Remember, simple is better than complicated. “What’s up?” “What’s happening over here?”, “Why haven’t you called me?” or “I’m your dancer” always works better than a long, drawn out, story. It’s as if you’re not hitting on them. This causes them to lower their defenses and they don’t see you coming until they’re already attracted.

Act as if this is already your life. I can see it inside of you; it’s lying right below the surface. You deserve this life where men adore you, want you and must have you. The more that you maintain this sort of attitude which is very hard for women to do as we are taught from birth to be demure and to hang our heads and be shame based the more he is going to see you as exceptional and as a trophy that must be won.

Remember, you’re the prize!


Getting Over Fear of Dating

Some women really fear dating. This is easy to get over. First of stop defining yourself by men who don’t matter to you anymore unless it has been constructive criticism from licensed therapists

You’ve got to be aware of your internal dialogue; you know that little voice in your head that speaks all the time? It’s probably happening right now. As you’re reading this, you have other things going on in your head. It could be related to dating or something totally different.

Your inner critic is controlling most of your interactions. Let’s be clear…YOU are not. That inner voice is flowing all the time and it’s going to throw negative thoughts at you; it’s going to try to derail you and remind you about all of the reasons that you won’t be successful with men. It is the eternal battle of the subconscious mind against the rational mind. The most civilized of beings know how to quell these self-critical thoughts.

The first step is realizing that it exists and getting control of it. Refuse to let it control your success with men. It is simply time to forget what other people think if you want to get ahead on the dating scene.

Based on your past failures, your inner voice could be telling you anyone of the following things:

This kind of thing never happens to you —

· Men don’t respond to you

· You’re not funny

· You’re not confident

· You’re not good looking

· You don’t have anything to offer

You are too fat

You are a dumb blonde/wear glasses

You are too thin

· You’re not interesting

· You’re not dressed cool enough

· Your hair looks bad

· You’re going to run out of things to say

He will be more attracted to your friends than you

It’s telling you every reason why you won’t be successful. It’s also warning you about the possible negative outcomes such embarrassment and rejecting:

When you get nervous, you fall back on behavior that feels comfortable to you. Your defense mechanism kicks in and you start manifesting the wrong events.

You are spending a lot of energy on behavior that isn’t getting you what you want that you have none left for later when you have an actual opportunity.

Your father, your best friend who had an unrequited crush from you and your ex all have a secret agenda to hurt your feelings as they all are motivated by a desire to prevent other women from spending time in your company. If you are defining yourself by negative criticism from a man who is out of our life it is time to let it go.


The Control Freak Guy

I recently went out to a party with this good friend of mind and I met this guy who suggested that we go somewhere where we could be alone to talk. I agreed and said goodbye to my friend. We went to an all night coffee shop where he did the

weirdest things.

First of all he ordered a coffee for me without even asking me if I wanted a

coffee. Actually, I don’t like to drink coffee after midnight and also I was a little bit hungry. Then the rest of the night he did nothing but talk about himself Ð about his ambitions to be a race car driver, about how he has psychic powers and also, unbelievably about how he found the waitress to be kind of attractive. Still, he charmed me, even though the littlest things he was

Doing were getting on my nerves. For instance I hated the way he kept he always rushed a few paces ahead when he was walking with me, like he didn’t really want to be seen with me when we set out for a stroll after the coffee.

All evening, he never ever asked me even one single question about myself. Still for some strange reason I found that attractive. I gave him my number and he hasn’t called. I know he is selfish, a narcissist and everything else and that our time together was more like kidnapping then a real date of any kind but I like him.

The thing that is maddening to me is that I know deep inside that if he wanted a date he should of asked fro my phone numbers or made arrangements to see me at another time.

So why do I want to see this person that lives so much in a world of fantasy? It seems like I want to be taken away from reality with him. It would be nice to be taken away from the reality of always being me even if it is for a few hours.

Even the fact that he has a wandering eye is not bothering me because it shows me he has some passion. The last few men I was in bed with showed no passion at all.

So do I phone him? All of my girlfriends say no. For one thing I will establish that he is the more powerful one by phoning him first. Also I am terrified that a woman will answer the phone. I would be devastated. When it comes to these narcissists or womanizing types I should use common sense and leave him alone. Funny how we tend to be attracted most to people who are attracted to them even if they are big jerks!