Reading Body Language

While on the casual date that you met on you can tell by looking at amen’s body language if she is likely to sleep with you or not.

You can also control your body language so it gives her the message that you are attracted to him.

As far as attraction goes, here’s how he gets the message from you:

· 55% is through body language

· 38% is the tone and speed of your voice

· only 7% is through what you say

It works the exact opposite of how you’ve been taught.

Is there any one posture that you should adopt while trying to pick up a man?

Lean back and cross your arms, but also lean in at the right times, pulling back as if you’re teasing him. You’re letting him know non-verbally that she has to convince you to be interested in her.

You can also gage his interest in you by observing the following body language –

1. He leans her body into yours.

Many omen unconsciously tilt their body in your direction when they are interested in you. Their knees and shoulders will be pointing at you or their fingers. Some men swivel their upper torso in towards you while crossing their legs.

2. He makes lots of eye contact.

If amen is interested he will make lots of eye contact with you. Sometimes if you try to make eye contact he will look away rapidly.

When you look into their eyes, everything you say sounds more important and means more to them. Remember, you’re trying to be unique. Visualize what most guys would do and do the exact opposite.

3. He blushes when you look at him.

If the man you are with is blushing a lot it means she is really attracted to you.

4. He plays with your personal items.

If a man is attracted to you she will do things like pick up your lighter or play with your fork in order to get your attention. He may even play with your sleeve. This can be a precursor to actually holding your hand.

5. He does not seem hungry.

If a man is sexually attracted to you she may have trouble eating in front of you. He may pick at her food and instead focus on talking to you or smoke a cigarette. Sexual arousal has the effect of cutting their appetitive. Also many men feel that they look unattractive when they are eating so they will not do it in front of someone they are trying to seduce. Women will do the same thing by the way. For some reason sexual arousal can just make you feel self-conscious about eating.

Usually if it is a man who is worth his salt he will make some kind of advance. The one I like best is when they put their hand on the small of your back as if to reassure you they will be there. It is a very respectful yet at the same time tender and sexual gesture.


A Romantic Gifts – for a change!

I would not mind a really romantic gift for a change. This blog is almost a bit of a cheat list for men who don’t know what to get their lady friends for Christmas this year.

What is considered to be a romantic gift varies from culture to culture. For instance a woman who is given the gift of cooking pot in the United States might see that as being as less of a romantic gift and more of one that means “get to work.” However in India the gift of a pot, especially if it is copper, denotes your love and desire for that woman.

As for as romantic gifts go you can’t go wrong with flowers whether they be real flowers, flowers on a card or clothing with flowers on it. Flowers mean you care and the more flowers you give at once the more you care!

Flowers that symbolize the emotion of love include daffodils, lilies, tulips, asters, bleeding hearts, daisies, roses, gardenia, lavender, orchid, poppy, primrose, periwinkle, hyacinth, trilliums, violet, and geranium. Giving these flowers as the real thing or as ceramic sculptures or as a decorative motif on any item says, “I love you.”

Roses of course are the absolute classic flower of love with red roses symbolizing passion and pink ones symbolizing a more pure love. White roses are given to someone that you respect. Handing someone a yellow rose means that you know that they have deceived you. Orange roses symbolize great passion.

Rose perfume is also a very romantic gift, especially if it is rose absolute. In India there are some very expensive oils made from different varieties of roses. Yet another very expensive love oil is pure carnation oil. This is very hard to get and it is worth a king’s ransom if you can find it.

Yet another very romantic scent from India is patchouli. Patchouli has the added element of arousing lust as one of its properties. The same is true of musk and amber.

Aside from perfumes nothing says love like jewelry. Gold jewelry means you are very serious about the woman you have just endowed with a dowry. Silver jewelry has a more intuitive, casual quality to it. If you give someone a copper bracelet you are telling him or her you love him or her, as copper is a metal that belongs to Venus.

As for me I would gladly settle for having any of these gifts under my tree this Christmas. Hopefully men reading this article will get some kind of hint from reading it. These are more traditional suggestions so you can’t go too far wrong unless the woman is allergic to roses or something like that!

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He’s Not Ready For the Altar

I have a friend name Richard who is single and just wants to take it slow and get to know a person well before he has sex with them or considered marriage. Lately he tells me he is really overwhelmed by all the women he meets that want to have sex right away.

Richard has been doing the online dating thing for many months and he is trying to be cautious. He usually just asks them out for coffee or to hang out with him and his buddies and play pool. According to him that low key and friendly approach is having women perceive him as a family man. It might be because he is not that hot about having sex right away.

Women who get too close too soon and do things like mentally outfit them for the baby carrier and the wedding tux turn off men. Richard says this gets so bad that women try to drag him into domestic supply stores like Babies R US, Ikea and the Pottery Barn to see if he is husband material. He has also been taken into department stores where he has been subtly directed into the wedding gown sections (where one girl actually made him try to pick out bridesmaid dresses with him) and past the jeweler counter where the engagement rings are kept.

Richard’s message to women nowadays would be to “Relax Ladies. It’s called DATING. A man will let you know if he wants to marry you. He goes, buys a ring, gets down on his knees (well sometimes), asks you and then puts a ring on your finger. Before that day happens we are not to assume anything (according to Richard.)

It is not something that you can convince a guy to do no matter how rich your daddy is. Richard really made me laugh with some of his comments especially when he started singing – “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait.” He is also quite fond of walking around spouting that fresher cliché “What is wrong with you. He is just not that into you!”

Richard is also sick of seeing dating profiles that are way too predictable online. They all look like they have been scooped out of the same Dating for Dummies book. He said that he is sick of reading about how a woman loves long walks, swimming and going to the movies. He is also sick of the “I can go from hiking boots to high heels in a flash” or “I am as comfortable in velvet as I am in denim.” He is also sick of women writing how they like to play pool with the boys only to find out that they can’t play at all. Still, I did point out that when the woman can’t play it gives him an ideal opportunity to put his arm around her.

So is Richard looking for a marriage partner? Yes he is he just has not found the right girl online yet.


Getting Over Fear of Dating

Some women really fear dating. This is easy to get over. First of stop defining yourself by men who don’t matter to you anymore unless it has been constructive criticism from licensed therapists

You’ve got to be aware of your internal dialogue; you know that little voice in your head that speaks all the time? It’s probably happening right now. As you’re reading this, you have other things going on in your head. It could be related to dating or something totally different.

Your inner critic is controlling most of your interactions. Let’s be clear…YOU are not. That inner voice is flowing all the time and it’s going to throw negative thoughts at you; it’s going to try to derail you and remind you about all of the reasons that you won’t be successful with men. It is the eternal battle of the subconscious mind against the rational mind. The most civilized of beings know how to quell these self-critical thoughts.

The first step is realizing that it exists and getting control of it. Refuse to let it control your success with men. It is simply time to forget what other people think if you want to get ahead on the dating scene.

Based on your past failures, your inner voice could be telling you anyone of the following things:

This kind of thing never happens to you —

· Men don’t respond to you

· You’re not funny

· You’re not confident

· You’re not good looking

· You don’t have anything to offer

You are too fat

You are a dumb blonde/wear glasses

You are too thin

· You’re not interesting

· You’re not dressed cool enough

· Your hair looks bad

· You’re going to run out of things to say

He will be more attracted to your friends than you

It’s telling you every reason why you won’t be successful. It’s also warning you about the possible negative outcomes such embarrassment and rejecting:

When you get nervous, you fall back on behavior that feels comfortable to you. Your defense mechanism kicks in and you start manifesting the wrong events.

You are spending a lot of energy on behavior that isn’t getting you what you want that you have none left for later when you have an actual opportunity.

Your father, your best friend who had an unrequited crush from you and your ex all have a secret agenda to hurt your feelings as they all are motivated by a desire to prevent other women from spending time in your company. If you are defining yourself by negative criticism from a man who is out of our life it is time to let it go.