Secret Places To Find a Date

Why is it that some men always seem to have a pretty woman on their arm while others can’t even seem to ever have the date?

The secret is that these men know where to hang out to find the perfect date.

The worst place to try and find a date is on a some kind of dateless excursion that you are on yourself. For instance if you go to the local singles bar you are not going to find the perfect date because you are already mingling with other people who are unable to get a date. This means you are not looking at the cream of the crop.

Here are five secret places where you are most likely to find the date of your dreams …

1. A local coffee shop or café during the day.

Meeting a woman that is full of caffeine is better than meeting one that is full of alcohol. A woman that meets you when she is in her right mind is more likely to genuinely like you for who you really are rather than trying to grasp at straws for a bed mate at last call in a bar.

2. In a grocery store.

A grocery store is a warm friendly place where a woman feels secure. Your best tact in this case is to seem a bit helpless as if you don’t know which product to buy. Simply approach the woman that you are interested in and ask her for advice about what you should do. Women enjoy seeing men act helpless around things that should actually be in their jurisdiction. This can usually lead to a long conversation.

3. Crafts and cooking classes.

If you want to meet women, do what women do. One of the best places to meet them is in their domain. Take a class that you normally wouldn’t in jewelry making or pastry decorating. You are bound to meet a lot of women there.

4. In a park but bring your dog!

One of the best props you can carry as a single man looking for a date is a pet. Women love dogs and they will see you as being gentle.

5. Using online dating services.

If you are serious about finding as soul mate then it is worth putting a profile up on an online dating service like those listed at . The key is to get to know as many women as possible by sending them messages so they know you are interested and in the dating game. Make sure any messages that you do send them are witty, courteous and polite.


He’s Not Ready For the Altar

I have a friend name Richard who is single and just wants to take it slow and get to know a person well before he has sex with them or considered marriage. Lately he tells me he is really overwhelmed by all the women he meets that want to have sex right away.

Richard has been doing the online dating thing for many months and he is trying to be cautious. He usually just asks them out for coffee or to hang out with him and his buddies and play pool. According to him that low key and friendly approach is having women perceive him as a family man. It might be because he is not that hot about having sex right away.

Women who get too close too soon and do things like mentally outfit them for the baby carrier and the wedding tux turn off men. Richard says this gets so bad that women try to drag him into domestic supply stores like Babies R US, Ikea and the Pottery Barn to see if he is husband material. He has also been taken into department stores where he has been subtly directed into the wedding gown sections (where one girl actually made him try to pick out bridesmaid dresses with him) and past the jeweler counter where the engagement rings are kept.

Richard’s message to women nowadays would be to “Relax Ladies. It’s called DATING. A man will let you know if he wants to marry you. He goes, buys a ring, gets down on his knees (well sometimes), asks you and then puts a ring on your finger. Before that day happens we are not to assume anything (according to Richard.)

It is not something that you can convince a guy to do no matter how rich your daddy is. Richard really made me laugh with some of his comments especially when he started singing – “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait.” He is also quite fond of walking around spouting that fresher cliché “What is wrong with you. He is just not that into you!”

Richard is also sick of seeing dating profiles that are way too predictable online. They all look like they have been scooped out of the same Dating for Dummies book. He said that he is sick of reading about how a woman loves long walks, swimming and going to the movies. He is also sick of the “I can go from hiking boots to high heels in a flash” or “I am as comfortable in velvet as I am in denim.” He is also sick of women writing how they like to play pool with the boys only to find out that they can’t play at all. Still, I did point out that when the woman can’t play it gives him an ideal opportunity to put his arm around her.

So is Richard looking for a marriage partner? Yes he is he just has not found the right girl online yet.


The Jealous Ex

Boys before you decide to ask anyone out on a date can you please get rid of your jealous ex? I just had the worst experience with a man who seemed to have a stalker on his tail.

Okay first of all he lied to me. He told me he was single when in fact he was still living at home with his ex girlfriend. How did I find this out? She ran after me with a kitchen knife and threw shoes at me is how.

This is how it went down. I met this guy John at a party and he said he was a lawyer and he was single. He also told me a bit about her but I had no idea they were still living together. After meeting John for coffee a few days later we decided we would go tout to see a play that my friend was in and then take it from there.

We went to the play and then out to dinner and then I drove him home. He lives in this nice stately old house in the Art Deco part of town. We go up to his front door and he tries the key. The door opens and then it shuts right in his place. Someone inside relocks the door and won’t let him in.

Before I can ask him what I sgoing on I see this face in the window and hear a voice screaming “Get off my step and away from my man you fucking bitch.” This apparently is his ex.

WE go back to my car and get in. He tells me that she is his ex and that she has nowhere to go so she is living in the downstairs aprt of his home and he is living in the upstairs and that it is still cool for me to come. Idiot that I am I decide to give this another try.,

He knocks on the door , she opens it and she has a knife in her hand. I of course see this and high tail it down the street. This is when she starts taking off her shoes. He gets into my car and hides. The next half hour is spent watching her pound the crap out of my car as if she was an ape testing a suitcase. Of course the whole time she is screaming at him while I watch from the bushes.

Finally the police come and Little Miss Frothing at the Mouth is taken away. Needless to say I just could not have a relationship with a guy under these circumstances. He sent me email after email begging fro me to understand that he really was single but quite frankly I like myself and would rather not be stabbed to death by a kitchen knife or have my eye put out by a woman hauling shoes in my direction. Until he gets rid of that jealous stalker, there will be no bookie from me?


The Control Freak Guy

I recently went out to a party with this good friend of mind and I met this guy who suggested that we go somewhere where we could be alone to talk. I agreed and said goodbye to my friend. We went to an all night coffee shop where he did the

weirdest things.

First of all he ordered a coffee for me without even asking me if I wanted a

coffee. Actually, I don’t like to drink coffee after midnight and also I was a little bit hungry. Then the rest of the night he did nothing but talk about himself Ð about his ambitions to be a race car driver, about how he has psychic powers and also, unbelievably about how he found the waitress to be kind of attractive. Still, he charmed me, even though the littlest things he was

Doing were getting on my nerves. For instance I hated the way he kept he always rushed a few paces ahead when he was walking with me, like he didn’t really want to be seen with me when we set out for a stroll after the coffee.

All evening, he never ever asked me even one single question about myself. Still for some strange reason I found that attractive. I gave him my number and he hasn’t called. I know he is selfish, a narcissist and everything else and that our time together was more like kidnapping then a real date of any kind but I like him.

The thing that is maddening to me is that I know deep inside that if he wanted a date he should of asked fro my phone numbers or made arrangements to see me at another time.

So why do I want to see this person that lives so much in a world of fantasy? It seems like I want to be taken away from reality with him. It would be nice to be taken away from the reality of always being me even if it is for a few hours.

Even the fact that he has a wandering eye is not bothering me because it shows me he has some passion. The last few men I was in bed with showed no passion at all.

So do I phone him? All of my girlfriends say no. For one thing I will establish that he is the more powerful one by phoning him first. Also I am terrified that a woman will answer the phone. I would be devastated. When it comes to these narcissists or womanizing types I should use common sense and leave him alone. Funny how we tend to be attracted most to people who are attracted to them even if they are big jerks!