Tips For Seducing Women

I am so sick of men being pathetic at seducing us I thought I would lay out some guidelines

After you get a woman on the date you want to make sure you can take her home and successfully seduce her. This means that you need to be set up to be prepared for anything and everything.

Girls love to sit down and get to know a guy while being wined and dined. They love to be served and feel beautiful, like a princess. There are subtle ways that you can do that make it different than anything they’ve experienced before.

Don’t do the usual chip and dip and a bottle of wine. Go to a little more effort than you usually would.

First off clean up your place, as women don’t like mess. Make sure your place is clean, that your bed is made and clean your bathroom. Make sure that there are no whiskers in the sink and that the toilet seat is gone.

Do all of your dishes, take the garbage out and your place doesn’t smell. Wash any dirty socks.

Yet another thing that is very important to women is a guest towel with which to wipe their hands with and enough toilet paper on the roll.

Remember this – the cleaner your place is the more likely she is to respect you and also feel safe when she is with you. You will also appear powerful, as she will wonder where you found the time to make your place so nice.

Prepared cheese plates, wine and champagne is going to impress her. Avoid spreads that are too strong like ones with garlic or onions as their main ingredient as it will make her nervous about her breath and yours. Stick to blander but interesting foods.

Most women like Brie cheese and you can this at most local supermarkets or discount gourmet stores. However it’s not about over doing it, it’s about little touches that fascinate and leave her wanting more. For instance lay a little flower beside the Brie or use an antique cheese spreader.

A real delicacy is black caviar on a slice of avocado on top of a table cracker. This is the kind of thing you could easily feed her.

Strawberries and chocolate are also a good choice as they are both seduction foods as well.

Get some white wine and champagne as well. One bottle should be enough.

If you have a fireplace, light it. Yet another reason why your woman appreciates firelight or candlelight is because it is simply more flattering. Great candle scents are vanilla, orange, patchouli or sandalwood. Get the mood right no matter if you are dating a divorced woman from or a Jewish girl from , get the mood right!

Make sure you enough music for several hours, without having to keep getting up to change it. Did you know that you can sign up for tunes for free and have the use of their 24 hour streaming radio, in every genre is also free? As long as you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can enjoy music no commercials all night.


He’s Not Ready For the Altar

I have a friend name Richard who is single and just wants to take it slow and get to know a person well before he has sex with them or considered marriage. Lately he tells me he is really overwhelmed by all the women he meets that want to have sex right away.

Richard has been doing the online dating thing for many months and he is trying to be cautious. He usually just asks them out for coffee or to hang out with him and his buddies and play pool. According to him that low key and friendly approach is having women perceive him as a family man. It might be because he is not that hot about having sex right away.

Women who get too close too soon and do things like mentally outfit them for the baby carrier and the wedding tux turn off men. Richard says this gets so bad that women try to drag him into domestic supply stores like Babies R US, Ikea and the Pottery Barn to see if he is husband material. He has also been taken into department stores where he has been subtly directed into the wedding gown sections (where one girl actually made him try to pick out bridesmaid dresses with him) and past the jeweler counter where the engagement rings are kept.

Richard’s message to women nowadays would be to “Relax Ladies. It’s called DATING. A man will let you know if he wants to marry you. He goes, buys a ring, gets down on his knees (well sometimes), asks you and then puts a ring on your finger. Before that day happens we are not to assume anything (according to Richard.)

It is not something that you can convince a guy to do no matter how rich your daddy is. Richard really made me laugh with some of his comments especially when he started singing – “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait.” He is also quite fond of walking around spouting that fresher cliché “What is wrong with you. He is just not that into you!”

Richard is also sick of seeing dating profiles that are way too predictable online. They all look like they have been scooped out of the same Dating for Dummies book. He said that he is sick of reading about how a woman loves long walks, swimming and going to the movies. He is also sick of the “I can go from hiking boots to high heels in a flash” or “I am as comfortable in velvet as I am in denim.” He is also sick of women writing how they like to play pool with the boys only to find out that they can’t play at all. Still, I did point out that when the woman can’t play it gives him an ideal opportunity to put his arm around her.

So is Richard looking for a marriage partner? Yes he is he just has not found the right girl online yet.


Dating The Walking Wounded

This didn’t happen to me. It happened to my friend Siobhan who got a big lesson in the “high maintenance” romance department.

She met this guy called Nicholas at a dance club and they went home immediately after and had sex at her place. This then turned into one of those glorious romantic weekends where you go out for eggs benedict, buy a bottle of wine and then spend a second night together. By the time Monday morning rolled around Siobhan was pretty thrilled when she called me to proudly pronounce, “It’s a relationship!”

The problem is that what initially appeared to be devotion to her is actually clinginess and insecurity. She ended up fielding his phone calls no matter where she went because he just seemed to have so many problems all of the time. Sometimes what seems like devotion is just narcissism.

The worst part was that he would call her at work. He would call her to describe his morning bowel movement and how he was scared he would get cancer. He would tell her about how he was scared about getting cancer too like his mother.

He would also call her at night. If they spent one night alone he would have a nightmare about something. Or he would hear a song or see something on television that would remind him of some kind of trauma from his past. Watching one bad movie past midnight could have this guy on the phone talking about his ex for hours. He would also call her whenever he had insomnia and then also call her from his work during the day to complain about how tired he was.

The weirdest calls she got were about his epiphanies. These would be his revelations that his entire life was about to change. He would be sitting somewhere and “see this bird” or “hear this woman in front of me say something” and then he would have a transcendental experience. He would call her and say, “I know after seeing (or hearing that) that it is an omen and things are going to be different from now on.” He would never say how they would be different which of course would be kind of scary if you were in a relationship with someone. He would just say they would be different and then hang up on her and then she would be focusing on him on all day.

Siobhan had to get rid of this guy because ultimately she was going to get fired if she spent much more time ducking into the washroom to return his personal calls in the workplace.

The moral of this story is “Don’t Date The Walking Wounded.” Just because they need you doesn’t mean they love you. There are some really narcissistic people out there. Really, any relationship that they could have would be more about them then about the two of you as a couple. Siobhan found this out the hard way.