Secret Places To Find a Date

Why is it that some men always seem to have a pretty woman on their arm while others can’t even seem to ever have the date?

The secret is that these men know where to hang out to find the perfect date.

The worst place to try and find a date is on a some kind of dateless excursion that you are on yourself. For instance if you go to the local singles bar you are not going to find the perfect date because you are already mingling with other people who are unable to get a date. This means you are not looking at the cream of the crop.

Here are five secret places where you are most likely to find the date of your dreams …

1. A local coffee shop or café during the day.

Meeting a woman that is full of caffeine is better than meeting one that is full of alcohol. A woman that meets you when she is in her right mind is more likely to genuinely like you for who you really are rather than trying to grasp at straws for a bed mate at last call in a bar.

2. In a grocery store.

A grocery store is a warm friendly place where a woman feels secure. Your best tact in this case is to seem a bit helpless as if you don’t know which product to buy. Simply approach the woman that you are interested in and ask her for advice about what you should do. Women enjoy seeing men act helpless around things that should actually be in their jurisdiction. This can usually lead to a long conversation.

3. Crafts and cooking classes.

If you want to meet women, do what women do. One of the best places to meet them is in their domain. Take a class that you normally wouldn’t in jewelry making or pastry decorating. You are bound to meet a lot of women there.

4. In a park but bring your dog!

One of the best props you can carry as a single man looking for a date is a pet. Women love dogs and they will see you as being gentle.

5. Using online dating services.

If you are serious about finding as soul mate then it is worth putting a profile up on an online dating service like those listed at . The key is to get to know as many women as possible by sending them messages so they know you are interested and in the dating game. Make sure any messages that you do send them are witty, courteous and polite.


Is It Time for a Dating Service?

I have gotten really busy again and am courting the idea of a dating service. Not too many single people have the time or energy to hang out at the libraries,laundromats or clubs where the old fashioned etiquette books have always advised us to go to meet the love of our lives. Perhaps that’s why more people than ever are using dating and introduction services.

Using one of these services eliminates the bother of dealing with the modern inconvenience of recovering from a hangover after a long night of waiting around all night in a smoky bar hoping to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Also, using an introduction service is much safer for women. Your best bet is to find a hands-on matchmaking service that screens their male candidates and checks their background for such things as marital status, financial solvency and criminality. Using an introduction service is also much safer than meeting someone through a free dating service on the Internet. Your chances of meeting a jerk through there are just as high as if you had gone into a sleazy bar, as anyone can lie about their history when they submit their personality profiles on-line.

According to a study called Dating and the Internet by Ian Nethercott, more and more of us are becoming disillusioned with such societal ills as alcoholism and infidelity and during the nineties turned to more and more to our computers to find a mate. The failure of the Internet to produce anything but even more illusions about love has renewed singles’ interest in old-fashioned match-making services. I used to think that using an introduction service was an

outrageous idea, that is, until my best friend from high school met her husband.

If you think this is too off-the-wall for you, think about how dating is done in Japan, where men currently pay 20.00 to put their personality profile and phone numbers into a vending machine called The Happy Guy and the women pay $2.00 to retrieve them. Also, in Japan, they are selling a gadget that is worn

around single people’s neck. If the two of you are in the same room, the gadgets beep and communicate with each other to identify your eligibility.

I keep thinking that I might try one of these one day soon. I don’t have a lot of money being younger and all but I was heartened to hear through the grapevine that many of them are free for women. However the ones that usually get people a real mate tend to make both sexes pay through the nose for their services. If you want to believe what these services have to say about themselves paying the extra money is worth it because their success rate is higher.


Online Rules Redux

I know I was promising to come up with a definitive set of rules when it comes to dating online and finally here it is …

The first rule is NO PROFILE, NO DATING. If there is a big question mark or line drawing of a person where the profile photo should be then there is something wrong with the guy. Either he is hideously deformed or ugly or he does not want his mother, girlfriend, wife or kids to catch him trying to have an infidelity online. You should also beware if there is nothing written in the profile. Even if the profile consists of all jokes or lays it still tells you something about him.

The second rule is NO MARRIED MEN. If a man tells you he is about to be divorced don’t believe him. Half the time this is not true especially if he tells you he also has children. Also never fall for the line that he is not sleeping with his wife even though he is still living with her. If they are under the same roof he is not emotionally available. Ask him when the ink on his divorce papers will be dry.

NO TEENAGERS. Sometimes I think I should revise that to NO TWENTY SOMETHINGS even though I am in my twenties myself. Men my age tend to be so insecure and immature. I find if you are looking for sex or fun they are fine. But if you are looking for a committed relationship – NEVER TRUST ANYONE UNDER THIRTY. The men I have found that are most interested in settling down or who will treat you right on a date are at least thirty five.

NO LONG DISTANCE ROMANCES. God knows who is at the other end. I know my luck has not been that fantastic dating locally when you date long distance things are even riskier. Someone who you never see that often could lay his or her pants off about being married, having a girlfriend or whatever and you would never be the wiser.

MEET IN PUBLIC DURING THE DAY. Don’t make that first date a romantic one. Meet in public during the day instead and make sure it is a Dutch treat so the guy won’t feel that you “owe” him anything. Of course in theory you should never owe anyone sex just for buying you a coffee but there are men out there that thing like that. If there is chemistry then you can arrange a formal date later. This might not seem that romantic but you need to be this practical when you are looking for love online or you could make a big mistake or even put your life in danger.

Right now I am considering trying to meet more men offline, as I am not having that much success on the Internet. I have no problem getting dates but they often with very strange men.


The Dating Anti Profile

Have you ever had a bad experience dating online? If you have been abused and you are a woman then you do have some recourse. You can post what is known as an anti-profile on the sites and Both of these sites are like America’s Most Wanted but for bad men.

Some of these profiles are pretty amusing. You see the guy, usually in a really cute pose in a pic that was taken by the writer of the profile when she was really in love with him. Then you see a big rant written about him below. The one I read on Don’ today says (this is paraphrased down from three solid paragraphs) “he will take your money, make promises he will never keep, will cry and tell you he is your soul mate and then take complete advantage of you when your defenses are down. He will charm you, woo you and make you believe that he cares only to rip it all away from you the minute you turn your back.”

What is even more amazing is that once a guy’s profile gets on a site like Don’tDateHimGirl he can also end up the subject of a myspace group. That is what happened to this guy here because he apparently slept with several different women in different states. The name of the Myspace site devoted to him is “User and Abuser.” On this one the women have revealed their yahoo style chats, videos he has sent them and the whole caboodle of betrayal. Currently he is thought to be wooing over fifty females. works much the same way. There are tons of reports written by women who have been dating online. On here you will find all kinds of photos and handles of men who are not that great to date. When I looked today the most recent posting was about a mentally and physically abusive jailbird who cons money out of women by marrying them.

However looking at these sites it makes me wonder how much of this is real and how much of it is written out of revenge. What kind of woman dates a jailbird in the first place?

However I can’t help but think that all of this is a big improvement over a few years ago when women really didn’t know what they were into when they met men.

I also wonder how many of these profiles are real. What’s to prevent the site owners from taking pictures of people who are deceased, posting them and then writing wild stories about how abusive the men are?

I wonder if one day anyone will ever crate a site that has men rate bad girlfriends. Like a Or a list of women who love ‘em and leave ‘em. This is probably not that likely as men just don’t seem to take it as hard when they are abused by woman. Either that or they just never admit when they are hurt like we do.