Secret Places To Find a Date

Why is it that some men always seem to have a pretty woman on their arm while others can’t even seem to ever have the date?

The secret is that these men know where to hang out to find the perfect date.

The worst place to try and find a date is on a some kind of dateless excursion that you are on yourself. For instance if you go to the local singles bar you are not going to find the perfect date because you are already mingling with other people who are unable to get a date. This means you are not looking at the cream of the crop.

Here are five secret places where you are most likely to find the date of your dreams …

1. A local coffee shop or café during the day.

Meeting a woman that is full of caffeine is better than meeting one that is full of alcohol. A woman that meets you when she is in her right mind is more likely to genuinely like you for who you really are rather than trying to grasp at straws for a bed mate at last call in a bar.

2. In a grocery store.

A grocery store is a warm friendly place where a woman feels secure. Your best tact in this case is to seem a bit helpless as if you don’t know which product to buy. Simply approach the woman that you are interested in and ask her for advice about what you should do. Women enjoy seeing men act helpless around things that should actually be in their jurisdiction. This can usually lead to a long conversation.

3. Crafts and cooking classes.

If you want to meet women, do what women do. One of the best places to meet them is in their domain. Take a class that you normally wouldn’t in jewelry making or pastry decorating. You are bound to meet a lot of women there.

4. In a park but bring your dog!

One of the best props you can carry as a single man looking for a date is a pet. Women love dogs and they will see you as being gentle.

5. Using online dating services.

If you are serious about finding as soul mate then it is worth putting a profile up on an online dating service like those listed at . The key is to get to know as many women as possible by sending them messages so they know you are interested and in the dating game. Make sure any messages that you do send them are witty, courteous and polite.


Lying to Yourself About Infidelity

I was thinking again today about the biggest lies that people tell themselves so that it is okay to cheat. This is coming to mind because one of my good friends who just got married three months ago is already dealing with a cheating spouse.

I guess that most people who cheat think they can stop after just cheating once. The problem is that cheating is like eating potato chips. It is hard to stop at just one experience. Still most people don’t realize that the endorphins raised at the prospect of illicit sex are similar to the ones produced in the brain that are like heroin.

Some people think it is okay to cheat if they are nicer to the person they are betraying at home. They will buy them jewelry and all kinds of things. In fact that is how my friend found out her new husband was cheating. He kept buying her all kinds of stuff including jewels and that kitchen appliance she always wanted. He wasn’t that doting before they got married so she go suspicious.

Some people apparently are quite nihilistic about fidelity in general. They figure everybody cheats and that it is only a matter of time before their partner cheats on them so they do it first.

Some people are also not accountable for their actions and simply think that they are not making a choice when they are cheating. To them it is not a decision. Instead they figure that fate did it.

Another thing that cheaters tell themselves is that nobody will be angry with them because everyone has a little moment of human weakness. They diminish the moral responsibility to their partner by thinking in their minds that everybody does it.

An older cheater may use the excuse of a mid life crisis. Some people feel that they need to sow more wild oats. Usually this really means they are bored with their current relationship.

Cheating makes some people feel dangerous or sexy. It makes them feel like they are a big celebrity like Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn It makes them feel glamorous and in control. Of course they are really out of control and hurting others instead.

A lot of people think that they can keep an affair a secret. Half of the time it backfires as emotional tensions build and one partner or the other confesses to someone who is not supposed to know. Thinking it is okay because it will be kept a secret is always a big mistake. Spouses almost always have a way of just knowing. My friend had a hunch for ages that her husband was cheating. She even suspected with whom. Even though she had no proof of the situation until recently everyone thought she was jealous and crazy!


name of your penis?

A guy walks into a bar and after only taking 2 steps in, he realizes that it’s a gay bar.

He decides to proceed because he really needs a drink.

A gay waiter approaches and asks: What’s the name of your penis?

The customers says: Look, I’m just not into that kind of stuff. All I want is a cold beer.

The gay waiter says: I’m sorry but house rules dictate that I cannot serve you until you tell me the name of your penis.

The customer says to the gay waiter: All right….I will but first tell me the name of your penis.

The gay waiter says: NIKE…you know, JUST DO IT!

The customer thinks for a moment and then says: The name of my penis is SECRET.

The waiter is puzzled and asks: SECRET? What does that mean?