Acting Weird in Public

Nothing drives me crazier than a guy that is one way with you in public and another in private. I just had a really bad experience with one of those/

HIs name was Glen. He was smart, brilliant, witty and hard working. He paid me lots of attention and after taking a few long walks together in a park, I thought he liked me. I really did. When he was around me, he just seemed to glow. I thought I was somone special to him. I really did.

To make things even more perverse considering what he ended up doing to me, we were fooling around. We spent the last few weekends together. Being him was like playing with the best little boy. We even played tent under my covers with flashlights. He couldn’t be kinder, gentler or closer to me than he is in private.

Then I decided to ask Glen to come to a party with me. Well, we both get

really dressed up and we go to the party, and I am not too worried, even

Though Glen seems to be a little distracted and distant.

I ask him if there is anything wrong and he doesn’t say anything, so I think he is just tired. I figure he is just nervous about the party. I notice though that unlike most times that we are together he doesn’t seem to want to hold my hand. Another strange thing is that when I introduce him to the hostess, he acts like he does not know me at all and is just kind of tagging along. My friend, the hostess, ended up looking at me very strangely as I had been telling her how great he was and now he was treating me like crap.

Anyway at one point I go to the bathroom. I was gone for less than FIVE

MINUTES. When I returned, he was sitting in an armchair, with another

Woman, a complete stranger sitting in his lap. This woman was rubbing up

against chest and cooing in his ear. This went on for about ten minutes while I

just stood there wondering what to do.

When I finally worked up the nerve to approach Glen to say “Oh hello. Remember me?” he completely ignored me and the woman just smiled at me in that Cheshire cat kind of way. That is when I decided to leave.

Later, when I got home, he phoned me to ask me what my problem was? When I told him he was rude and that we were on a date, he scoffed and told me I suffered from distorted thinking and that we were just friends and that he did not “do dates” with women who were just friends to him. Next time, I will ask for the guy to confirm in writing that we are actually on a date before we go…


Water Fasting Before A Big Date

If you are trying to lose weight before a big date you might try water fasting. I tis not a permanent solution to weight loss but it can help you fit into that dress you want to wear at the last minute. Water fasting is not quite the same as taking all those toxic teas that can cause dehydration symptoms like dizziness, nausea, headache and stomach cramps. If you do water fasting properlty these things do not become a problem.

There are two big precautions that you should take before water fasting –

1. Do not fast on water alone as an all water fast release toxins too quickly causing headaches.

2. If water fasting is more than three days do it only under the supervision of a physician

3. To prepare for a fast eat only raw vegetables and fruits for two days prior to starting it. This will make the fast itself less of a shock to the system.

While on the fast consume at least eight ounce glasses of steam distilled water a day plus pure juices and up to tow cups of herbal tea a day. Dilute all juices with the water adding about 1 part water to three parts juice. Do not drink orange or tomato juice and avoid all juices made with sweeteners and other additives.

The best juice to use for a fast is the juice of one lemon to a cup of warm water. Fresh apple, beet, cabbage, carrot, celery and grape juices are also good as our “green drinks” made fresh or from a commercial powder.

If you are having problems with ulcers and your colon then try adding raw cabbage juice to the equation.

Herbal teas can be consumed once or twice a day while water fasting. These include Alfalfa, burdock, chamomile, dandelion, milk thistle, red clover and rose hips that cleanse the bloodstream and support the liver.

If you must have something to eat during the fast a piece of watermelon is permitted. You can also eat fresh applesauce that has been made in a food processor.

During the fast it is very common to experience a wide variety of symptoms as toxins are released from your body including fatigue, body odor, dry scaly skin, skin eruptions, headaches, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, confusion, nausea, coughing, diarrhea, dark urine, dark foul smelling stools, body aches, insomnia, sinus discharge and visual or hearing problems. If

Follow up the juice water and tea fast with a two-day diet of raw fruits and vegetables. This is because the desired effect could be ruined if you eat cooked foods right after the fast.

You can also take two capsules of garlic a day to promote healing in the colon, strengthen the blood and also get rid of parasites. Many people eliminate all sorts of parasites when they go on a fast.

Also be sure to take a fiber supplement on a daily basis before and after your fast but not during your fast.


Remember You Are The Prize

When you are dating it is women that do not think much of themselves in the first place who lose. You need to believe that you already have a greater level of success before you even leave the house for a date. Unfortunately many women leave the house to go to a singles bar or try to find a date with this I am a loser mentality. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because it is a turn off.

Girls tart acting like you’re invincible. In other words, you should be walking around like it’s already happening to you. Walk in like you own the place and if you’re not going to talk to men right away, then be committed to a conversation with a friend.

Men can’t stand it when you’re looking directly at a friend and talking and not scanning the room like every other guy. It makes you stand out. It builds attraction. They become jealous. It is something really Neanderthal and jealous in them that makes them want to be number one.

This means looking occupied and committed when you talk to men. Any men. This is so that by the time you interact with them they are already attracted. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. If you keep it fun short and firefly it will drive them even crazier. Before you know it men will start lining up to talk to you.

This is because you will be doing what most women can’t do because they are so desperate. Most other girls were looking around the room for targets – the single guy –when they wake in the room. All we did was have a committed conversation and have fun. No work, lots of return.

You saw how being friendly gets you everywhere and can turn any evening into an extraordinary one. Just by having this confidence and relaxed attitude, women will approach you and do all the work. If you’re friendly and ask questions you won’t have to worry about what to say next. They’ll do all the talking.

Remember, simple is better than complicated. “What’s up?” “What’s happening over here?”, “Why haven’t you called me?” or “I’m your dancer” always works better than a long, drawn out, story. It’s as if you’re not hitting on them. This causes them to lower their defenses and they don’t see you coming until they’re already attracted.

Act as if this is already your life. I can see it inside of you; it’s lying right below the surface. You deserve this life where men adore you, want you and must have you. The more that you maintain this sort of attitude which is very hard for women to do as we are taught from birth to be demure and to hang our heads and be shame based the more he is going to see you as exceptional and as a trophy that must be won.

Remember, you’re the prize!


Stop Saying You Are Fat

Ladies you are lying through your teeth all over the dating sites on the Internet again. Studies and first person anecdotes all over the web are saying that tons of women are claiming to be skinny when they are building like brick you know what houses. You are putting up pictures of yourself where you look really thin or even worse really old picots.

Many males say they feel like they are typical or shallow but they are sick of being fooled by women who say they are thin when really they are not. In fact misrepresenting your weight and body type has become a real art for some women. Why you would want to do this to them is a mystery to the men who do not appreciate the distortion of the facts especially when they are repulsed completely by big flabby women. They end up having to suffer through a date with you to be polite (and some do not even bother to do that.)

The problem seems to be with the automatic fill in fields in which you might be required to check a box that identifies your body type. All of these women represent themselves as “average” in size when really they are plus size. Some men go out on date after successive date with women who have said they are small framed or thin and have things hanging, bulging and drooping every where. Here’s a clue – if you have pouches of fat hanging over your kneecaps you are not “average.”

A male friend of mine was complaining about how some women were identifying average lately and I suggested to him that maybe there are a lot of women out there now that that thing 5 foot 4 at eighty pounds is the new average. Many men think about 5’7 and 130 pounds should be the average but this does not reflect how large American women have become in the past ten years.

Conversely women have the same problem only it is usually a man that lists their age as 25 when they are clearly in their mid thirties. Sometimes is really bad. You can see a chicken wattle beneath the man’s neck in his picture on his profile as he stands there wearing his white shoes next to his red corvette.

You know if you are a really fat woman there are many sites online that specialize in matching up plus size women with the men that adore them. Mostly these men are from Asian and Eastern cultures where a heavier woman is more adored. However this will spare you all the trouble of becoming emotionally upset when the man that thinks you are too fat rejects you.